Do not hope to be without distraction during your meditation;

that is impossible.

Try, however, to profit by them,

by bearing them with humble patience,

undiscouraged by their number

or duration.

Anxiety about our distractions

is the most dangerous of distractions.

It is above all in the heart that we meditate;

a sincere and persevering will to do so

is a meditation in itself,

and entirely involuntary distractions

in no way interrupt the tendency

of the will towards God.

When you become aware of them

you have only to put them from you quite simply,

and turning towards God again,

resume your subject.

Do not lose courage,

then, in meditation,

although it seems dry,

profitless and interrupted

by constant distractions.

Accept the weariness patiently for God’s sake;

go forward without stopping;

you will not fail to make progress,

and your time will not be lost,

if you come forth more humble.


by subjecting the mind to this holy exercise,

you will insensibly acquire a facility in it,

so that, later on,

you will find a pleasure in the devotion

which now constrains and fatigues you.

(L S 1905)


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