In the Holy Communion, Jesus is united to the soul, and the soul to Jesus; and this union is not merely one of affection, it is a true and real union.

On this subject Saint Francis de Sales says:

‘In none of His actions

does Our Saviour appear

more loving or more tender

than in this,

in which He annihilates Himself,

so to speak,

reducing Himself to the form of food,

in order to penetrate our souls,

and unite Himself intimately to the body

and the heart of His faithful ones”.

Saint John Chrysostom adds:

‘In the ardour of His love

Jesus desired to be united to us

in such a manner

that we should become one with Him.’

And Saint Lawrence Justinian,

addressing himself to this God,

Who so loves our souls,


‘How admirable is Your love,

O Jesus!

for you have wished to unite us

so closely to Your sacred Flesh,

that Your heart and ours inseparably joined,

should make but one!’

‘Here, indeed,’

cries Saint Bernardin of Siena in his turn,

‘is the utmost possible point of love –

Jesus gives Himself to us

as our food,

identifying Himself with us

as intimately as the aliments

by which we live!’


how dear to Jesus

is this union which He contracts with us!

We may even be persuaded

that we can do nothing more pleasing

to this good Saviour

than to receive Him with the proper dispositions.

Then the soul is united to Jesus,

and He sees His loving designs realised.

(L S 1905)


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