The Lord asks nothing better than to load us with His graces.


says Saint Gregory the Great,

‘He wishes to be asked,

nay, more importuned

and, as it were,

forced by our prayers.’

Saint Mary Magdalen of Pazzi

goes so far as to say

that God is not content

with hearing our prayers;

it would even seem as if

He were grateful for them.


for God being of infinite goodness,

which demands a free outlet,

He has,

in a sense,

an infinite need of bestowing His graces upon us.

Now He Himself has laid down the law,

that before giving us anything,

He must be asked for it.

Hence it is that our prayers

are so agreeable to Him,

and even place Him,

so to speak,

under obligations to us.

‘We pray,’

says Saint John Chrysostom,

‘and we are always heard,

and heard even while we yet pray.

Yes, we pray to God,

and even before we have finished our prayer,

the grace which we solicit is granted to us.’

(L S 1905)


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