Let us hasten to throw ourselves into the arms of Mary;

let us swear eternal love

and devotion to her.

Let us offer her the homage

of all that we have,

and that we are capable of;

let us henceforth take her for our Queen

and our Mother.

Let us confide to her our pains

and our pleasures,

our hopes

and our fears.

Let our prayers rise to her each day,

with perfect filial confidence,

the intimate confidence of a soul

sure of being heard.

Let not her love fade from our hearts

for a single moment

nor her name from our lips;

let temptation meet in it an impenetrable buckler;

let sorrow find in it an amelioration,

and anguish a consolation.

May her name thus be a benediction for ourselves

and for our families;

may it protect and guard us

till the end of our great combat;

may the Angels receive it from our dying lips;

may it be our defence on the day of judgement,

our crown and our joy during eternity.

(L S 1905)


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