O you, who feel yourself tossed by tempests,

among the reefs of the world,

if you would escape shipwreck,

do not turn your eyes from the Star of the Sea;

if the winds of temptation are let loose,

if tribulations rise before you like rocks,

one glance towards the Star,

one sigh towards Mary!

If horror of your sins,

trouble of conscience,

or dread of the judgements of God

begin to drive you to the abyss of despair,

fix your heart on Mary!

In your dangers,

your doubts,

your sufferings

think of Mary,

call upon Mary!

Let her name be in your heart

and on your lips,

and to obtain the suffrage of her prayers,

do not lose sight of the example of her virtues.

You cannot go astray under her guidance;

as long as you pray to her

you cannot be without hope;

as long as you think of her,

you are in the right way;

you cannot fall while she sustains you;

you have nothing to fear while she protects you.

We receive all from Her

who has given us Jesus Christ.

All comes to us from Jesus through Mary.

(L S 1905)


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