We do not find in the Gospel that Mary worked any miracles;

how grand of her to have refrained from them!

We do not find that She undertook

to communicate to others

the wisdom with which She was filled;

how grand is this silence,

and how admirable is Mary

even in the most hidden parts of her life!

Who had better opportunities of attracting attention,

by teaching

and by miracles,

than She who was the repository

of all the treasures of the wisdom

and knowledge of God,

She who was the Mother of the Sovereign Wisdom,

of the Eternal Truth?


She thinks only of obeying,

of keeping silence,

of hiding herself.

How many amiable virtues,

how many touching examples,

are concealed from our view by this conduct!

Her obscurity,


is infinitely more instructive

than the most striking actions.

We had already before

our eyes many models for action

and for speech,

but we needed one to teach us to be silent,

and never to act without necessity.

(L S 1905)


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