Bible Reading (Daniel 7:15-27)

(Sovereignty and kingship will be given to the people of the saints of the Most High.)

“I, Daniel, was deeply disturbed and the visions that passed through my head alarmed me.

So I approached one of those who were  standing by

and asked him to tell me the truth about all this.

And in reply he revealed to me

what these things meant.

‘These four beasts

are four kings

who will rise from earth.

Those who are granted sovereignty

are the saints of the Most High,

and the kingdom will be theirs for ever,

for ever and ever.’

Then I asked to Know the truth

about the fourth beast,

different from all the rest,

very terrifying,

with iron teeth

and bronze claws,

eating, crushing

and trampling underfoot what remained;

and the truth about the ten horns  on its head-

and why the other horn sprouted

and the three original horns fell,

and why this horn had eyes

and a mouth

that was full of boasts,

and why it made a greater show

than the other horns.

This was the horn

I had watched

making war on the saints

and proving the stronger,

until the coming of the one of great age

who gave judgement in favour of the saints

of the Most High,

when the time came

for the saints to take over the kingdom.

This is what he said:

‘The fourth beast

is the kingdom on earth,

different from all other kingdoms

It will devour the whole earth,

trample it underfoot

and crush it.

As for the ten horns;

from this kingdom

will rise ten kings,

and another after them;

this one will be different

from the previous ones

and will bring down three kings;

he is going to speak words against the Most High,

and harass the saints of the Most High.

He will consider changing

seasons and the law,

and the saints will put into his power

for a time,

two times,

and half a time.

But a court will be held

and his power will be stripped from him,


and utterly destroyed.

And sovereignty and kingship,

and the splendours

of all the kingdoms under heaven

will be given to the people

of the saints of the Most High.

His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty

and every empire

will serve and obey him.’ “

The word of the Lord.

R.) Thanks be to God.




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