Our heart is small,

but prayer enlarges it

and renders it capable of loving God…

Prayer is a foretaste of heaven,

an exhalation from paradise.

It never leaves us

without comfort.

It is a honey;

which flows into the soul

and sweetens everything.

Troubles melt away before a prayer well said,

like snow before the sun.

Prayer is a fragrant dew;

but we must pray with a pure heart

to feel this dew.

See, my children, the Christian’s treasure is not on earth,

but in heaven.

Well, our thoughts

should be where our treasure is.

Man has a grand function –

to pray and to love…

You pray, you love –

herein lies man’s happiness on earth!

Prayer is nothing else than a union with God.

When our hearts are pure and united to God,

we feel within ourselves

an intoxicating balm,

a dazzling light.

In this intimate union God

and the soul

are like two pieces of wax melted together;

they cannot be separated.

It is a beautiful thing, this union of God

with His poor creature.

It is happiness beyond our comprehension.

Prayer makes the time pass very rapidly,

and so pleasantly that we do not notice its flight.

The more we pray, the more we want to pray.

Some souls lose themselves in prayer

like a fish in water,

because they belong wholly to God.

There is no division in their hearts.

Oh! how I love these generous souls! …

Saint Francis of Assisi

and Saint Colette spoke to God,

as we speak to each other.

And we – how often we enter the church

not knowing what we are going to do,

or what we want to ask!

Those who do not pray tend towards earth,

like a mole making a hole in which to hide.

They are wholly worldly

and besotted,

thinking only of temporal things…

Again, he who does not pray

is like one of those cumbrous birds

which cannot rise in the air;

if they fly a little they soon fall again.

The man of prayer,

on the contrary,

is like an intrepid eagle

soaring into the skies,

as if he wished to approach the sun.

Thus it is with the devout Christian

on the wings of prayer!

Oh! what a grand thing is prayer!

The man who is in the grace of God

does not need to be taught how to pray;

it comes to him naturally.

God has no need of us.

If He commands us to pray,

it is because He desires our happiness,

and in no other way we can attain it.

When He sees us coming,

He bends down towards His poor creature,

like a father who stoops to listen to his little child.

In the morning we should do as a child does in his cradle.

Immediately he opens his eyes,

he looks around everywhere for his mother…

There are two means of uniting ourselves to God,

and saving our souls:


and the sacraments.

All who have become saints

have frequented the sacraments

and raised their souls to God by prayer.

(L S 1905)


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