The human race found itself alone, guilty, and abandoned in the face of an angry God.

It had no one to interpose

between itself and God –

and behold!

Mary appeared, and God made of her a mediatrix.

O prodigy of mercy!

Infinite unfathomable wisdom of God!

That Mary might be a fit mediatrix  in this matter,

it was necessary that she should have influence

over the Heart of God,

and affection of men,

and God combined in her these two qualities,

by making at the same time

Mother of God and of men.

Yes, let us rejoice, let us praise the power and goodness of God, for, in giving us Mary,

He has given us an advocate,

a Mother compassionate

and all-power to succour us:

a Mother attentive to our least needs,

to our interests.

She can accomplish everything,

she can save us

and obtain every grace for us.

Let us then go to Mary,

let us approach her with confidence

and joy;

for if she is Queen of the Universe,

if she is Mother of God,

she is also our Mother,

full of mercy,

overflowing with compassion

and affectionate tenderness.

(L S 1905)



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