It matters not whether our crosses

be interior or exterior;

the important thing is to bear them well,

as our divine Model bore them:

with love,

preserving our souls in peace

and abasement before God,

and submitting with meekness, calmness and love

to the good pleasure of our amiable Jesus.

Crosses borne thus have

a most sanctifying effect on our souls.

They take us out of ourselves to some extent,

or rather they empty us of ourselves

to fill us with God;

they render us pliable

and docile to the impressions of divine grace,

distrustful of ourselves,

humble and insignificant

in our own eyes;

they place us in total dependence

on Jesus Christ,

our only love,

and make us feel this dependence,

as also our poverty,

weakness and misery.

What happiness to be destitute of all,

if by the consciousness of our destitution

and weakness

we learn to live in perfect dependence

on Jesus Christ,

our only resource.

(L S 1905)



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