Sin is the executioner of the good God, and the assassin of our souls.

Sin is it, which snatches us from heaven

to cast us into hell.

And yet we love it!

What folly!

If we reflected well upon it,

we should have such horror of sin

that we would not commit it.

O my children, how ungrateful we are!

God wishes us to be happy,

and we will not!

We turn from Him

and give ourselves to the demon!

We fly from our friend

and seek the  executioner!

We commit sin;

we bury ourselves in the more,

and once caught there we cannot rise.

If it was a question of our worldly fortune,

we should contrive to escape from the difficulty;

but as it concerns only our soul,

we stay there.

What has God done to us, then, 

that we afflict Him thus,

even crucifying Him again in a sense – Him,

Who has redeemed us from hell?

If all sinners,

when betaking ourselves to their guilty pleasures,

met Our Lord on the way as Saint Peter did,

and if He said to them:

‘I am going to the same place as you,

to be crucial died there anew’ –

perhaps that would make them reflect a little.

Oh! how insensate we are!

We employ in damning ourselves

the time which God has given us

to save our souls!

We make war on Him with the instruments

He has given us for His service!

Is it not utter folly to earn hell,

by allying ourselves with the devil,

in preference to tasting

even in this life the joys of heaven,

by uniting ourselves to God in love?

It is impossible to fully comprehend such madness,

or to bewail it  sufficiently.

(J S 1905)


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