In the opinion of Saint Bonaventure,

meditation on the Passion

is the first

and most important of all devotions.

And did not all the saints

make the sorrows of Jesus Christ

the constant object of their contemplations?

Thus, to all souls who wished to advance

in the love of God,

the seraphic Doctor

gave the advice never to let a day pass

without meditating on the Passion.

According to Saint Augustine,

it is more advantageous,

and more meritorious for heaven,

to shed a single tear

at the remembrance of the sufferings

and death of Jesus Christ,

than to fast every week

for a year on bread and water.

The Venerable Louis de Blois says that a meditation,

even a simple reading on the Passion,

is more beneficial to the soul

than any other exercise of piety whatsoever.

Nay, more, according to Saint Francis de Sales,

all love, which has not its origin

in the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

is frivolous and dangerous.

‘Behold Him,’

cries the same saint,

‘behold this Divine Saviour

stretched on the cross as on a pyre of honour,

on which He dies for love of us,

a love more agonising than death itself.

Ah! why do we not fly to Him in Spirit,

to die on the cross with Him,

Who has been pleased to die for love of us.

I will hold Him,

we should exclaim,

and I will never leave Him;

I will die with Him,

burning in the flames of His love;

the same fire will consume

the divine Creator

and His miserable creature.

My Jesus is all mine,

and I am all His;

I will live and die on His bosom,

and nothing shall tear me from it!

(J S 1905)


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