Temple of grace, habitation of glory and divine wisdom,

you, whom God has initiated

in all the secrets of the eternal plan!

Sanctifier of the world which you bless,

you are the mistress of life,

the cause of the great reconciliation!

Hail, you who ravish,


absorb all intelligences:

canticle and Alleluia

which ring on the lips of all Christians;

despair of the demons

whom you have crushed;

eternal praise of men and angels;

repose of the heart.

Hail, arm for ever stretched above us to defend us;

patron and protector of all sinners;

pilot of humanity;

gentle voice which recalls and re-animates the despairing;

succour of virgins;

support of orphans;

joy of all who suffer.

You are the soul and spirit of all Christians;

you are the type of divine grace;

you are the principle of true life,

and the Mother of all our hope.

You are the ‘inventor’ of mercy,

the road which connects the soul with paradise,

the portal of heaven.


pray for us!

(J S 1905)


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