O marvel,

unheard of till our days

which past centuries

would not have dared to conceive –

for a whole month

the Blessed Sacrament

will be exposed in all the churches of the world;

it will receive more

honour and bestow

more graces than ever before,

so that this new month of Mary

will become a month of the Blessed Sacrament.

Such is the intimate union between

Jesus and His Mother!

Let us not fear,

then, to recite the Rosary

before the most Holy Sacrament;

our Hail Marys will glorify Jesus Christ

and cause His filial Heart

to thrill with affectionate joy.

Let us not fear to speak to Our Lord

of His Mother,

to praise and congratulate Him

on having such a Mother,

and for being such a Son.

Let us not fear to engage

in sweet and holy

converse with her.

Better still, let us repeat to Jesus Christ

what she herself said to Him

in her long adorations in the cenacle.

There, before the tabernacle,

she lived again the mysteries of Bethlehem,

of Nazareth,

and of Calvary.

She had cherished every detail in her heart,

and meditated unceasingly upon them.

Let us enter into this immaculate heart,

let us unite in its contemplation

and its prayer!

(J S 1905)


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