Bible Reading (Wisdom 18:14-16; 19:6-9)

(The Red Sea became an unimpeded way, and they skipped like lambs.)

When peaceful silence lay over all,

and night had run the half of her swift course,

down from the heavens,

from the royal throne,

leapt your all-powerful Word;

into the heart of a doomed land

the stern warrior leapt.

Carrying your unambiguous command

like a sharp sword,

he stood, and filled the universe with death;

he touched the sky,

yet trod the earth.

For, to keep your children from all harm,

the whole creation,

obedient to your commands,

was once more,

and newly,

fashioned in its nature.

Overshadowing the camp

there was the cloud,

where water had been,

dry land was seen to rise,

the Red Sea became an unimpeded way,

the tempestuous flood a green plain;

sheltered by your hand,

the whole nation passed across,

gazing at these amazing miracles.

They were like horses at pasture,

they skipped like lambs,

singing your praises,

Lord, their deliverer.

The word of the Lord.

R.) Thanks be to God.


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