What a good thing it is to spread happiness around one.

See how easy it is:

Propose to yourself every morning

to be indulgent,


and gracious.

When anyone addresses you,

greet him kindly,

listen to him willingly,

and without those signs

of impatience or indifference

which check esteem and sympathy.

Always answer

in a polite and obliging manner.

Say nothing which may pain those around you,

avoid all that might weary,

humiliate or annoy.

Be tactful.

A trifle suffices to console,

to cause pleasure,

and to pour a little joy into a soul.

Be this trifle,

or rather bestow this trifle,

for it is nothing but a kindly word,

an obliging act,

a charitable deed performed discreetly,

a look, a tear.

But this trifle is happiness.

(L S 1905)


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