The Blessed Virgin is often compared to a mother,

but she is far better than the best of mothers;

for the best of mothers sometimes punishes her child,

when it vexes her.

She thinks she is doing right.

Not so with the Blessed Virgin.

She always treats us kindly.

The heart of this good mother is all love and mercy.

She desires only to see us happy.

We need only to turn to her in order to be heard.

The most Blessed Virgin

places herself between her Son and us.

Although we are sinners,

she is full of tenderness

and compassion for us.

The child which has cost the most tears

is the dearest to the mother’s heart.

Does not a mother

always incline to the weakest

and most helpless?

Does not the doctor in a hospital

devote most attention to the most ailing?

Mary’s heart is so tender towards us,

that the united hearts of all other mothers

are like a piece of ice beside hers.

When we speak of worldly affairs,

of commerce,

of politics…

we grow weary, after a time;

but in speaking of the Blessed Virgin,

we always find something new.

All holy souls have a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

No grace comes to us from heaven

without passing through her hands.

One does not enter a house

without speaking to the door-keeper.

Well – the Blessed Virgin is the portress of heaven.

When we wish to offer

something to a great personnage,

we get some favourite of his

to make the presentation,

so that the homage may be more agreeable to him.

In the same way

our prayers have a particular merit

when presented by the Blessed Virgin,

because she is the only creature

that has never offended God.

When our hands are scented,

they parfume everything they touch.

Let our prayers pass through

the hands of the Blessed Virgin;

they will be embalmed.

I imagine that at the end of the world

the Blessed Virgin will have rest,

but while the world lasts,

she is beset on all sides…

She is like a mother

who has a great many children.

She is always going from one to the other.

(J S 1905)


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