Me children, all created beings must have nourishment in order to live.

But the soul also has need of nourishment.

Where is to be found?

The food of the soul is

the Body and Blood of a God!

O magnificent food!

The soul can feed only upon God!

God alone can satisfy it!

God alone can fill it!

God alone can appease its hunger!

It cannot do without its God…

How blessed are those pure souls

who have the happiness of united themselves

to God in Communion!

They will shine in heaven like brilliant diamonds.

Go to communion, then, my children;

go to Jesus with love and confidence!

Go and live on Him,

in order to live for Him!

Do not say that you have too much to do.

Has not our Divine Saviour said:

“Come to Me, all you that labour and are burdened,

and I will refresh you”.

Can you resist an invitation so full of tenderness and friendship? –

Do not say that you are not worthy.

It is true, you are not worthy, but you need it.

If our Lord had considered our worthiness,

He would never have instited this beautiful sacrament of love,

for no one is worthy of it,

neither the saints,

nor the angels,

nor the archangels…

but He was considering our needs,

and we all have need of it.

– Do not say that you are sinners,

that your misery is too great,

and for that reason

you do not dare to approach Holy Communion.

I should as soon hear you say

that you are too I’ll

and consequently will not try any remedy,

nor consult a doctor…

My children, if we understood the value of Holy Communion,

we should avoid the smallest faults,

in order to have the happiness

of communicating more frequently.

We would preserve our souls always pure

in the sight of God.

(L S 1905)


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