Bible Reading (Romans 16:3-9.16.22-27)

(Greet each other with a holy kiss.)

My greetings to Prisca and Aquila,

my fellow workers in Christ Jesus,

who risked death to save my life:

I am not the only one to owe them a debt of gratitude,

all the churches among the pagans do as well.

My greetings also to the church that meets at their house.

Greetings to my friend Epaenetus,

the first of Asia’s gifts to Christ;

greetings to Mary  who worked so hard for you;

to those outstanding apostles Andronicus and Junias,

my compatriots and fellow prisoners

who became Christians before me;

to Ampliatus, my friend in the Lord;

to Urban, my fellow worker in Christ;

to my friend Stachys.

Greet each other with a holy kiss.

All the churches of Christ Jesus send greetings.

I, Tertius, 

who wrote out this letter,

greet you in the Lord.

Greetings from Gaius,

who is entertaining me

and from the whole church that meets in his house.

Erastus, the city treasurer, sends his greetings;

so does our brother Quartus.

Glory to him who is able

to give you the strength

to live according to the

Good News I preach,

and in which I proclaim Jesus Christ,

revelation of a mystery kept secret for endless ages,

but now so clear

that it must be broadcast to pagans everywhere

to bring them to the obedience of faith.

This is only what scripture has predicted,

and it is all part of the way

the eternal God wants things to be.

He alone is wisdom;

give glory therefore to him

through Jesus Christ

for ever and ever.



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