Those who have not faith

are much more blind in soul

than those who have not bodily sight….

In this world, we are, as it were, in a mist;

but faith is the wind which scatters the midst,

and restores sunshine to the soul.

See how sad and cold everything is in the Protestant religion!

But for us, everything is bright,

joyous, and consoling.

Do not heed what worldly people say.


how can they see?

They are blind.

If Our Lord Jesus Christ

were to repeat today all the miracles

He worked in Judea,

they would not believe in Him.

When we say “My God, I believe, I believe firmly, that is, without the least hesitation,’


if we really understood the import of these words –

I believe firmly that You present everywhere,

that You see me,

that I am under Your eyes,

that I in turn will one day clearly behold You,

and enjoy the happiness You have promised me…

I hope to be rewarded for all I have done to please You,

for I wish to love You for ever!…

then this act of faith,

which is also an act of love, would suffice for all.

(L S 1905)



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