Novena Prayers to Our Lady of Walsingham – Feast 24th September

Day 1

The Annunciation of the Lord.

Virgin Most Holy,

Mother of the world,

intercede for us with your Son,

that we may have the grace

to seek nothing other than to do his will,

and the courage to live our lives

in the faith of him

who became incarnate in your womb,

Jesus Christ,

our Lord.


Day 2

Our Lady’s Visitation to Elizabeth

Holy Mary,


you went in haste

to share the good news of salvation

with your cousin, Elizabeth.

May we who bear your Son in our hearts

possess the same eagerness to share with others

the joy that he has given us,

so that being filled with the Holy Spirit,

we may all rejoice in God,

our Saviour.


Day 3

The Birth of Our Lord

Father in heaven,

creator of all,

in history’s moment

when all was ready,

you sent your Son to dwell among us,

the Word made flesh,


Teach us to respect the dignity of marriage,

and to uphold the sanctity of human life

from the moment of

conception to natural death,

and that our homes may reflect

the love of the Holy Family.

Day 4

The Ministry of Our Lord


may the peace that is

the Kingdom of God,

flow to us from the truth and life,

the holiness and grace,

the justice and love

of your Son Jesus Christ.

Queen of peace,

obtain for us and for the nations of the world

the peace for which all people long.


Day 5

The Crucifixion of Our Lord

Father most merciful,

grant us the grace of true sorrow

for the many sins

which offend the Sacred Heart

of your dear Son,

and the Immaculate Heart

of his Holy Mother,

and grant pardon

and rest to the souls of those who,

for whatever motive,

destroyed the holy Shrine of Walsingham,

and brought about divisions

which have lasted to our day.


Day 6

The Resurrection of Our Lord

Ever-living God,

help us to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving

the resurrection of your Son,

that as he has been raised from the dead,

so our mortal lives also may be crowned

by the ultimate joy of rising from sin and death

with him for ever,

who has made all things new.


Day 7

The coming of the Holy Spirit

Lord Jesus Christ,

you gathered your apostles together

in prayer with Mary,

the Mother of Jesus,

and you filled them with the Holy Spirit.

Send forth your Spirit upon us

and renew in us the graces

of Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

Ignite us, Lord,

with an ever greater passion and love  for the Gospel

which will enliven our Christian witness

and bring about the fulfilment of the

“second spring”

of the Catholic Faith in England and Wales

as heralded by

Blessed Dominic Barberi CP

and Blessed John Henry Newman.

May we be once again an Isle of saints.


Day 8

The Assumption of Our Lady


you raised the Mother of your Son

to the glory of Heaven,

grant through her intercession

that the hearts and minds of all

may be open to your call,

so that loving you above all things

we may be signs of your presence,

and ardent but gentle servants of the Gospel.


Day 9

The Coronation of Our Lady.

The Prayer of the Feast:

Lord God,

in the mystery of the Incarnation,

Mary conceived your Son

in her heart before she conceived him in her womb.

As we, your pilgrim people,

rejoice in her patronage,

grant that we also may welcome him into our hearts,

and so, like her,

be made a holy house

fit for his eternal dwelling.

We ask this through

Our Lord Jesus Christ,

your Son,

who lives and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God

for ever and ever.






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