Prayer to the Queen of the Universe (St Alphonsus)

O Mary, Mother of my God, my Lady,

like a miserable man covered with wounds and ulcers, presented to a great queen,

I present myself to you, who are the Queen of heaven and earth;

from the lofty throne on which you are seated, do not, I entreat you, disdain to cast your eyes on me, a poor sinner.

God has made you so rich, that you might relieve the poor, and has constituted you Queen of Mercy, that you might be able to assist the miserable;

cast your eyes then on me and have pity on me; 

look down upon me, and do not leave me, till by your prayers you change me from a sinner to a saint.


I well know that I am undeserving of any favour, and that, by my ingratitude,

I should ever deserve to be deprived of all graces which I have received from the Lord through your intercession.

But, you, who are the Queen of Mercy, do not seek merits, but miseries, in order to assist the needy; and who is poorer or more needy than I am?


O sublime Virgin, I know that because you are the Queen of the Universe you are also my Queen;

and I wish in a more particular manner to dedicate myself to your service, that you may dispose of me as you please.



My protector, St Alphonsus, in all my wants make me have recourse to Mary.


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