Prayer of St Bonaventure

O sweet Virgin Mary!

by the sword of sorrow which transfixed thy soul when thou didst see thy well-beloved Son raised on the Cross, covered with wounds and bruises,

vouchsafe to obtain for me that my heart may be penetrated with the sword of compunction, and the wounded with the dart of Divine love.

O Holy Virgin,

by the inexpressible torments thou didst endure without complaining, when standing at the foot of the Cross, thou didst hear thy Divine Son recommend thee to St John, utter a loud cry, and commend His Soul into the hands of God His Father, aid me in my last hour.

When my tongue can no longer invoke thee, when my eyes shall be closed to the light, and my ears to the noise of the world; when my strength has failed me, remember,

O most compassionate Mary!

the prayers I now pour forth to thee. Help me at the hour of extreme peril; deign to present my soul to thy Divine Son, that, in consideration  of thy prayers, He may remit all punishment, and introduce me into the heavenly country.

O most pure Virgin and blessed Mother!

by the sighs which escaped thy heart, overflowing with anguish, when receiving in thine arms thy well-beloved Son, taken down from the Cross, thou didst contemplate His once-beautiful Countenance, so disfigured in death, and His Adorable Body all covered with wounds;

grant, I implore thee, that I may lament my sins, and by repentance heal the wounds of my soul, that, when death shall render my body an object of horror to all around me, my soul, all resplendent with beauty, may deserve to receive, in transports of Divine love, the kiss of thy most sweet Son Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour.



(St Anthony’s Treasury 1916)



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