St Bernardine’s Prayer to Our Lady

Our Lady, blessed amongst all women,

thou art the honour of the human race, and the salvation of our people.

Thy merits have no limits, and thou hast full power over all creatures.

Thou art the Mother of God, the Sovereign Lady of the world, and the Queen of Heaven.

Thou art my dispenser of all graces, and the ornament of the Holy Church.

Thou art the model of the just, the consolation of Saints, and the root of our salvation.

Thou art the joy of Paradise, the gate of heaven, the glory of God.

Behold, we have announced thy praise.

We beseech thee then, O Mother of Mercy, to supply for our weakness, to excuse our presumption, to accept our services, to bless our labours, by imprinting thy love on the hearts of all;

that after having honoured and loved thy Son on earth, we may praise and bless Him for ever in heaven.


Mary, sorrowing Mother of all Christians, pray for us.


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